White Possibilities

A curated content marketplace

Stories that sing. That make people pause, think, or entertain a possibility they didn’t before. Stories that make the complex simple, that tell you why, or what, or how, in ways that delight, in ways you understand. Curious stories, that tease a response. Stories with soul, with empathy, with connection.

Born of imagination, yet tethered to fact, to truth, to life.

Storytellers, who are masters of the craft. Who bring skill and deftness, an ease with language and medium that comes from a lifetime of studying and creating meaning. Who have spent years finding and refining their own voice and can help you find yours. Who know how to slice through clutter, boredom, ennui.

Welcome to White Possibilities; where each story begins with a single sheet of paper, a tabula rasa, if you will, and contained within it, lies an entire spectrum of possibilities. Come talk to us, and let us bring your story to life, one that is uniquely and powerfully, yours.

Who we are

Discover some of the professionals who are a part of the collective here.

We are communicators, authors, writers, editors, poets, and investigative data journalists.

We are digital content powerhouses, search engine experts, artists, and illustrators. We are digital marketing mavens and SEO/SEM wizards.

We write reports, or poetry, we work for brands or for ourselves, we edit with accuracy and sensitivity, we create, art and design, music, and mayhem (only in the best possible way).

What we offer


Uncovering the story of you. And bringing it to life. Your brand, your work, your journey. In any medium you know, and even the ones you don’t. Tell your story in 160 characters or less. Tell it through a website, a social media post, a feature article, an essay, a research paper, a media advisory, a family legacy book, or even a full-length novel. Our writing services include bringing you market intelligence and analysis by the sharpest journalistic minds in the business.


From voice overs to podcasts to audio books, we do it all. With professionally produced sound that delivers mood and tone and intent. That breathes warmth and humanity into written words. That creates friends out of listeners, advocates out of an audience. Build your tribe, your community, your brand, through the intimacy and persuasive power of voice.

Art and Design Services

Our top-of-the-line visual designers are the best in the business. Years of experience, unbelievable credentials and talent, and a fiercely individualistic point of view. You will skirmish with them as they challenge and provoke the norm to create outstanding work, but we promise, it will be worth it.


We are masters at copy editing, line editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing. Our team has spent years working as editors in the print and digital media industries and as consultant editors to international developmental agencies, organizations, and NGOs. Editing someone else’s work requires sensitivity. A good editor will never override your personal writing style. What we do, instead, is use our eagle eyes to spot even the smallest of errors and inconsistencies, clean and polish your copy, but stay firmly in the background even as we make your unique voice shine for the world.


We work in stealth. Behind the scenes, away from the arc lights. And yet, the work we do gets you seen, discovered, positioned, right where your audience is. Answering the questions they may have, establishing your credibility, bringing them to your website, or socials, so you can engage. We get into the details not everyone understands (or needs to), we snoop and sift, research, and deploy, monitor, and test, until we get it just right. And we don’t stop, until we do.

Project Management Services

Many of us have spent years managing teams and delivering projects, working with multiple entities, sometimes across locations. For companies or busy entrepreneurs without a full blown in-house marketing function, we can help tie it all in, make sure there is consistency with messaging, marketing efforts are synced and strategic, and you’re getting the best value for your spend, so you can focus on doing the things that you do best.

Scope of Work

Tell us what you need. Or what you think you may need. We’ll begin where you are. Let’s run through a few scenarios.
  • You’ve started a business, developed a product or brand, and want to tell your story.
  • You run a business but feel like your story isn’t being told as well as it could be.
  • You want new audiences. You want new stories for old audiences.
  • You have a story but need a ghost writer to write it.
  • You have written your story, (yay!) but need a voice for an audiobook.
  • Your book/website/report is ready — now you need someone to edit it.
  • You need help with digital marketing, SEO/ SEM, and organic growth.
  • You want to create a podcast for your business. Or to reach your employees.
  • You want to talk to media, to influencers, to government.
  • You are the media, an influencer, or the government.
  • You need art and design services. For a brand, product, or idea.
  • You want to start from scratch, or you need a refresh.
  • In all of this, you need your stories to be told creatively, powerfully, and effectively.

How we work

A typical engagement would look like this:

  • Bring us in to understand and quantify your needs.
  • We assess the requirement against our capabilities and make our recommendations.
  • If you like what you hear, we refine the job scope, deliverables, and timelines.
  • We find a fair fee for what you need in the time that you need it.
  • Once there is pen to paper, we set up the team, or identify the lone wolf that may be all you need.
  • We’ll make the introductions and make sure all parties are aligned.
  • The project gets underway and you’re good to go.

What makes us different

We are unbound to structure. We span geographies and timelines. We shape shift as needed to deliver to your needs.

The only thing we are bound to is our commitment to our clients and to our word. We want to succeed by making you succeed. By taking out the stress, uncertainly and ambiguity that often comes with working with freelancers or feeling somewhat unheard and unseen within the labyrinthine corridors of large and complex agencies.

Our audacious collective is rooted in the crazy idea that work doesn’t need to be the soul-sapping, mind-numbing, homicidal-rage-inducing experience it often turns out to be.

With the right people, with clear objectives, with reciprocal respect, work can be something we don’t need to recover from. It can be where we are the most fulfilled versions of ourselves, doing what we love, making a living, and have fun doing it.

Leave us a message and you will hear from us.

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